Chris Christensen Shapes in Aus 2019

Chris Christensen Shape

Chris Christensen is throwing the tools in the suitcase and venturing down under to find some waves and shape some boards. 

With a limited amount of boards he'll be doing this trip, be sure to get your custom orders in ASAP. 

Just quickly, a bitta house keeping:
- For Chris to shape, we need your order by the 10TH OF OCTOBER
- Once your order has been placed and is sent to production, it cannot be alterered/changed/fixed/etc.
- Your board will be shaped by Chris, but then it has to be glassed. The bottleneck theory is then applied..... 
i.e. We will try to finish your board as quickly as possible, but quality built boards take time. 

For any other questions and all order enquries, contact, or your local Christensen dealer.

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