Channel Islands
Snuggie Enhanced Rail Protection HP  






        The Snuggle ERP is not your average board sock. Designed with 4mm padding on the rails you get that extra love in your car or built-in protection in your board bag while traveling. While it may look comfortable, not designed for sleeping.

        Stretch cover
        4mm padded rails
        Thick polar fleece
        Corrosion-free zipper

        Max Width


        6'0" x 22 in x .75 lbs

        6'4" x 22.5 in x 1 lbs

        6'6" x 22.5 in x 1 lbs

        6'8" x 22.5 in x 1.25 lbs

        Onboard Guarantee

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        Delivery Times

        We take pride in getting your order out too you as fast as possible, within 24 hours we will send your shipment. (Custom and Back Order Surfboards we will contact you in regard to expected shipping times).
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