PROTO 1.4  






        Introducing the Creatures of Leisure Tail Pad PROTO 1.4 – a game-changing innovation in surf grip technology. Designed to enhance your performance and reduce environmental impact, this revolutionary tail pad sets a new standard in precision and sustainability. Utilizing molded technology instead of cutting from EVA foam blocks, every element of the PROT 1.4 is crafted with ultimate precision. By incorporating EcoPure organic additive into the EVA formula, this tail pad biodegrades at the end of its life cycle, reducing waste to an impressive 5%. The result is an ultra-precise tail pad that delivers unrivaled grip and responsiveness, while making a positive difference for the planet. Experience the future of surf grip with the Creatures of Leisure Tail Pad PROTO 1.4 – more performance, less waste, and a cleaner environment.

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